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We diligently designed and tested every detail of the AltVault, creating something unique and fashionable yet very practical. AltVault gives you the ability to track, tether & lockdown your small valuables. Being the size of an iPhone plus; it can fit in your pocket, purse or backpack.

See AltVault in Action!


• a multi pocket to store your ID, credit cards, cash, medical cards, and important documents

• an RFID blocking multi pocket (interchangeable with the nylon multi pocket)

• a padded insert to store Jewelry and USB’s

• a plastic insert to store medications

• each insert can be taken out, if you just want an easy, slim pocket case for the day.


The storage options are endless and can be customized to fit your specific needs. From jewelry to medications and everything in between. 


Designed by locksmiths, it has the perfect balance of convenience and security.

• Its 3-digit combination metal lock, allows you to choose from 1,000 combinations. 

• AltVault is made of double mold injected nylon poly carbonate, the same material as bulletproof glass. It’s engineered for maximum strength and shock absorption. 

• The AltVault comes with a 10-inch cut-resistant tether so that you can tether the the case to your belt, bag, or purse. This keeps your valuables safe, anchored to whatever you’d like to tether the case to. You can tether it to the inside your car, in your hotel room, or somewhere inside your home. 


AltVault has a clean and sleek design. Other lockable carrying cases on the market work, but they are big, bulky, and ugly. Our case has curved edges so it can easily fit inside a pocket or bag. We etched the outside to give it a fashionable look. We also made it as slim as possible while still allowing it to hold valuables well. 


With the clear insert, we had the idea of creating a safe place to store opioids. Statistics show over 50,000 people are losing their lives yearly so we felt it was necessary and important to provide a way for people to lock up these medications. Our hope is to make it much harder for these types of medications to be in the wrong hands. 



The built in cradle can hold every type of Tile tracking device, so you can track or geolocate your case for an additional peace of mind (Tile not included). 


Whether you are roaming around your hometown, traveling abroad, or are on a weekend vacation; AltVault gives you the safety and security you can trust.